2017 Jubilee Conference

50 Years of Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Dear Friends of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal,                                               Oct. 9, 2017

The Jubilee Conference in July in Pittsburgh was a wonderful multi-ethnic gathering to celebrate like family this current of grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit.  We realized a gathering of 6000+ and enjoyed four days of powerful teachings and witnessing.  The Eucharistic Procession across the bridge to Allegheny Landing was a spectacle of delight and a real witness.  One beacon along the way of the procession was asked what we were doing, and she explained that tonight would be the night to ask Jesus anything.  This offering led to an invitation to join us for Mass on Sunday morning and the three people came and celebrated with us.  They were raised Catholic and had fallen away from the faith and thoroughly enjoyed our closing Mass.  Never underestimate the power of invitation.

Many have asked for prophetic words that were spoken during the conference.  I am giving a series of Jubilee prophecies, from February at the Ark and Dove, to Rome and then in Pittsburgh in July.  I hope you enjoy gathering with others to continue to discern what these words are speaking to us individually, collectively as the Renewal and as Church.

I do have a closing request.  Now that September 30th has come and past, the bills and revenues from the conference have all been accounted for, and we are sitting at a $38,000 deficit.  The venue was state of the art, and union fees applied.  If you could pray and ask the Lord if you are called to help offset this debt, we would be most grateful for any donations.  The website has a donate button that goes straight to the account we used, www.2017jubileeconference.org or you could write a check made out to RCC2012 and mail to Msgr. Malagreca Renovación Carismática Católica, 2530 Church Street, Brooklyn, NY 11226.

May the harvest help us continue to have the fire in our hearts to spread this current of grace.


Msgr. Joseph Malagreca                                                Jane
Conference Chairman                                                    Conference Administrator


Pray and Ask

The conference is asking for your help to erase the $38,000 debt.  If you could pray and ask the Lord if you are called to help offset this debt, we would be most grateful for any donations.


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My people, you’re thinking too small, I have much for you to do. You know of my Spirit, like a mighty wind but I tell you the wind is greater than what you can imagine.  You think of my Spirit as a mighty river and that’s good to think about but the rivers are pouring even more powerfully, even more powerfully than the largest dam… break and wash down the mountainside.  My river of my Spirit rushes even more.  My people, you are thinking too small.  I have great things in store for my church. I am moving powerfully.  I want to move more powerfully than I have in the past 50 years. The question is, will you listen?  I need to do a shaking up.  I need to do a shaking up of structures.  I need to do a shaking up of my church. I need to do a shaking up of the world. I need my people to be docile and listen… If I say do something… do it now.  Listen to me. Listen to my Spirit.  I am moving in new ways, with new power; bigger than you’ve thought of in the past.  Yield to my Spirit, my people and watch and tell of the mighty acts I have yet to do.

Mark Nehrbas

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 17, 2017

“They went to the upper room, the apostles, all these with one soul, devoted themselves to prayer. Together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brethren.”  My children, what attracts my Holy Spirit? Unity. What draws down the rain from on high? Unity. My children, the times of disunity are over. My children, I am giving you, in the Charismatic Renewal, unity as my gift.  It’s the time for the ending and healing of divisions: divisions between prayer meetings and communities, divisions between different language groups, divisions between different personalities.  My children, I’m giving you unity as a gift and I’m giving you the gift of seeing one another as I see you; seeing one another, including those with whom you’ve had divisions, as absolutely precious treasures, beloved brothers and sisters. And, my children, as you live in that unity – and also unity between Catholics and Protestants, unity with the Orthodox, unity in the broken Body of my Son – my children, as you live that unity, my Spirit cannot resist being poured out upon you and upon the whole church with a new freshness and a new power and a new abundance.  My children, you are to be a sign of unity to the whole church. You are to be in the vanguard of unity. You are to be on the forefront of unity for the healing of the broken Body of my Son.

Mary Healy

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 17, 2017

“The Lord is letting me feel his heart for you. What the Lord is saying is, I long for your love. I long for your love. There’s nothing I want more, there’s nothing I more preciously desire, there’s nothing I value more than your personal love for me, than your personal friendship, than your personal loyalty. There’s nothing I want more than your love for me. I’m longing for your love.”

Ralph Martin

Golden Jubilee Celebration at Circus Maximus in Rome

I gave this word this morning but I felt like the Lord was asking me to give it again. When I gave it this morning I didn’t realize what date it is today [February 17].  In Psalm 42 it says “deep calls to deep, in the roar of mighty waters.”  And the Lord is asking us, Charismatic Renewal, to cry out to him from our deep, from the depths of the thirsty world, from the depths of the thirsty church; deep cries out to the deep of God. God is calling us to worship him from our depths, to cry out to him from our depths, for his Spirit to be poured out.  And it says in Genesis 7 [verses 11-12]:

In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month: on that day all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the windows of the heavens were opened and rain fell upon the earth, forty days and forty nights.

It was a flood of purification but God wants to bring now a flood such that the whole earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters covered the earth.

Mary Healy

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 17, 2017

The Lord says that the curtain is about to rise.  We are all behind the curtain and it’s dark behind where the curtain is. The curtain of his coming is about to rise. And what we’re going to be so surprised at is who we are linked arm-in-arm with behind that curtain.  And I’m going to ask you right now to do a prophetic act. You’re going to link elbows with the person next to you, because this is what we are going to be like, standing when the curtain unfurls.  And do this as a prophetic act with every group you know there’s tension in. This is a prophetic act to proclaim the unity, whether it’s with protestants, catholics, whether it’s between Marian and Latin Rite and Charismatic, in your families – the disunity.  We are going to stand and link, arm-to-arm so that we are ready. And when we are a bulwark like this, nothing can penetrate this; the evil one cannot get through this bulwark. Like [when] we were children and we played Red Rover and no body could break through. We’re going stand, so we’re going to lift up right now and we’re going to pray in authority that we are one. This is a prophetic act. Lord Jesus, we are one. It’s already done in the heavenlies and we are calling it down now. We are calling it down into every people group, into every nation, into every division. We are standing Lord God.  We are standing Lord and uniting, uniting, uniting, with every faction that is there. We take authority of every faction; we say it has no place, for only the unity of the Lord Jesus Christ has place, the unity he died for.  John 17, we call it down for it is finished. The Lord said on the cross, it is finished and this word is true. This word lives in the heavenlies and this word, Lord, we call it down and we stand firm and we stand strong in joy.  We await the curtain of your glory to rise, Lord God.  We will surprised and you will be fulfilling your plan for eternity.  Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Susan Potvin

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 17, 2017

“The Lord would remind us that the water is flowing, that the water is flowing from his side, that it’s flowing from his temple, that it’s bringing a refreshment, that it’s bringing a renewal, that the water is gathering a momentum; it’s the water of life for the world, it’s the water that brings refreshment to those who are thirsty. The Lord says, are you thirsty? Are you thirsty? Do you thirst for me? Because my world is dry, my world is a desert, but my water is flowing. My water of life is flowing upon you, upon your church and out to the world.”

Michelle Moran

Golden Jubilee Celebration at Circus Maximus in Rome

My people, I tell you, you are a part and not the whole. But my body is crying out for reconciliation. And I anoint you this day to be agents of my reconciliation to bring my body together so that the world will know that I am the Lord.  That my grace will be released in a fresh, powerful, tidal wave around the world, where the love that I have for my world will be felt by everyone.  I tell you my people to reach out; I tell you my people to be agents of reconciliation; to bring unity to my body.  I desire this my people and I have anointed you for this task, so please be about my Father’s business.

Bob Garrett (CF):

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 17, 2017

This is the word the Lord gave me, in coming here on the plane from Isaiah 55:[8-9]  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are you ways my ways, says the Lord. As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts.”  And I feel that, in this moment, we should take a time of silence and consciously abandon our plans before the Lord.

Patti Mansfield

Ark and the Dove 50th Anniversary Celebration Feb. 18, 2017

“Brothers and sisters as we were praying in the Spirit the Lord gave me a word and it was this: Lift up your eyes and see, that the fields are white for harvest. And if you would obey me, and if you would obey the prompting of my spirit, you will yet see, infinitely more than you can ask or imagine. You will yet see the power of my spirit descend upon the human race. I tell you, the fields are white for harvest, but I need your obedience, I need your docility, I need your faith, and you will yet see marvels that will astound you, infinitely more than you can ask or imagine, for the glory of my name.”

Patti Mansfield

Golden Jubilee Celebration at Circus Maximus in Rome

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